Accommodation recommendations for FUTO Freshers

I want to address the accommodation aspect for freshers who I’m sure are confused right now on where to live in school.

Firstly, if u ask me I would recommend all freshers to stay in the hostel because;

1.Being able to meet people in your department and level is more possible in the hostel than anywhere else
2.Being able to read together and also do assignments because trust me, You can end up being in a Lodge where you are the only fresher in your department/faculty.
But the condition of Futo hostels, especially the MALE part is what discourages students the most.. Making most people consider NDDC Hostel…
NDDC HOSTEL: Niger Delta development Commission (NDDC) have a mixed hostel in futo, and I happen to have stayed there during my year1 days.. To be honest, I have to say I was disappointed and regretted staying there due to some reasons..
1. You are provided with a mattress,pillow,reading table,chair and a wardrobe
2. It is safe to an extent
3.sure electricity supply from the generator from 7pm-12pm daily unless when repairs are required
4.bigger rooms than the hostel with fewer occupants
5.You can get all u want without leaving the hostel such as a barbing saloon, video game shop and many more
1.Cooking is highly prohibited
2.No supply of electricity
3.A bit far from SEET Head (inside school)
So the decision depends on which ever hostel to take depends on you
   In Ihiagwa,Umuchima,Eziobodo,Obinze are lodges where students rent and live..
According to statistics,Eziobodo is the most populated Lodge area..
2.Ability to cook
3.electricity supply and you can also buy a generator if u want
You need to see the way futo students PIMP their lodges lol..
Hope this post was helpful

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