How to customize your blogger mobile Template

How to customize your blogger mobile Template

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The advancement of Technology these days makes almost everyone to have a Smartphone and use it for browsing purposes making most of your Blog views come from mobile devices instead of a desktop/PC.
If you want your readers to enjoy viewing your blog from their mobile phones,and to engage them to spend more time on your blog viewing more posts,you have to customize your mobile Template,making it mobile friendly.

Firstly,before you can customize your mobile template by adding some features which would be listed below,you have to set your mobile Template to ‘Custom’ which shows your blog on a mobile device identical to the desktop view and also make your blog mobile friendly.


1.Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard on the specific blog
3.On the Left hand bar,click on ‘Template’
4.Two views shall be displayed, ‘Live Blog’ and ‘Mobile’
5.Under the mobile,click on the Gear which is the settings. on the drop down menu and find custom,First preview it to know how it would look like then ‘save’
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   Congratulations,you have set your mobile view to Custom
1.You can make any widgets of your choice to show on mobile view…To find out more,contact me Here
2.You can make your comment box to show on any browser.As many bloggers complain of the comment box not coming up even after clicking on the ‘post a comment’ button on Opera mini browser and other browsers making them lose comments on their blogs…Here is a screenshot of the Automatic comment box from this blog’s mobile view.
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3.You can add the Related posts feature on your blog which displays all posts in the same label as the specific post being read e.g blogging tips,school news
    Also,you can enable the share button to twitter and Facebook which allows your readers share your posts..see them in the screenshot below
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4. You can add ‘You might also like’ feature which displays 3-5 posts by random under the post being read.this engages readers very well.
                                                     blogger design 
5.You can show Ad banners,(affiliate) above post title on mobile view
Many more features…
If you love these features and want them on your blogger custom mobile Template, Then click Here
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Thanks and before i forget…Happy new year in Advance

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