How to Get free Traffic to your Blog or website

How to Get free Traffic to your Blog or website

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You can’t underestimate the value of Good Traffic to your blog or website.It increases your Alexa rank among others,not to talk about the Ads Impressions you get by having huge Traffic.

Getting blog traffic is not such an easy task…From social media promotion down to Advertising your blog,It really disappoints when one doesn’t get much traffic as expected.
I’m going to disclose the Platform i personally use to get Huge Blog traffic for Free.


I use this Advertising platform called Adblabla Which is an advertising platform that works in two easy ways.You place banners on your site and also submit your site banner which would be placed on other sites..Once your banner is clicked on any site, A credit of 4 would be deducted from your existing Free credits..
You pay nothing for this service…Just place a banner size of your choice on your blog/website..

 I also use another platform which gives free 10,000 traffic to your blog when you write an article about them or include their site in a blog post which relates to Web design, Blog traffic E.t.c the site is

To sign up Adblabla,click Here

Happy Blogging!

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