Why you don’t get comments on your Blog

how to get comments on your blog

All bloggers would agree with me that it gets really frustrating when you stay up for hours writing on an article which you believe would get the attention of people but end up getting no comments,you feel really frustrated and feel like you’ve wasted your time.worse still is when you get a huge page-view from that particular post,but NO comment!
    When i logged into someone’s account who I was helping to customize his mobile template,I noticed he had been blogging for close to a year without a single comment…strange right?? Anyway, i decided to analyze the possible reasons for that and i got them and solved them instantly and now he gets comments daily..
In this post,Ill be giving you possible reasons for low or no comments on your blog so read on…


1)ENABLEMENT OF WORD VERIFICATION: Word verification is the feature on most websites that makes commenters verify words before posting to avoid all sorts of malwares,spywares and spam comments…The most popular plug-in is Re-capcha which bring out boxes and images to verify and blogger uses word verification method.
Word verification sometimes become very annoying when trying to verify comments especially when using some specific browsers.
1. Click on ‘settings‘ on the left hand bar of the specific blog,when clicked,you see a drop down menu
2.click on ‘posts and comments‘ scroll down and set word verification to ‘NO
3.Save your settings.
2)COMMENT MODERATION:Comment Moderation is the feature that lets comments be published ONLY if approved by the blog administrators(Admins or authors)therefore reducing spam comments.
The real catch here is that if you forget or do not approve the comments,you would Never have published comments on your Blog..
The main Benefit is that word moderation allows all comments to be posted including anonymous and the likes without the worries of Re-capcha boxes.since Google made it known that word verifications may still apply even after setting it to ‘NO’ as explained above.

3)ALLOWED COMMENTS: This is another Issue,because people most times prefer to comment anonymously and you Disallow Anonymous comments on your blog,you lose your comments.As simple as that!

4)POST CONTENT: People who read your posts and enjoy it,maybe finding it interesting,funny explanatory and all would be compelled to post a comment on their free will easily..So ask yourself these questions
a.Are my post contents rich in quality?
b.Are my post comments rich in quantity and Authenticity? 
5)COMMENT BOX: Most bloggers have complained to me about the disappearance of the comment box in some browsers especially in mobile view,or the inability of the comment box showing up after clicking the ‘Post a comment’ button.
To fix this forever,there is an automatic comment box customization which shows the comment box even if you have no previous comment. Below is a screenshot of mine
If you want this box on your blog,click Here
Hope this post was helpful, If you have any question or views,please drop them as comments

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