You Want a Sholarship? Get these 8 Documents Ready first

scholarships for undergraduates
Great Nigerian students…GREAT!
Scholarships are real my people,You may find this hard to believe but people are getting yearly educational fees from different sources such as the Federal Government,state Government,companies such as MTN Nigeria and other Individuals who want to Help we students..

NNPC scholarship just passed and I heard from my friend Rapu,the exam was cheap…Do you need a scholarship?? I guess you do…But before you apply,Its Recommended you get these following documents,and hopefully scan them to your drive for easy application purposes..
The Documents are:
1) BIRTH CERTIFICATE: Birth certificates are very much important in so many aspects including school clearance/registration,Job applications and many others
You need a copy of your Birth certificate as a proof when applying for your scholarship to show you reach the required age.
2) SCHOOL ID CARD: This is very important and should be a valid one.It shows you are really a student of the Institution you claim you belong to..Go to your various Departments and Request for an ID card
3) JAMB RESULT: A soft copy of your Jamb result is very Important so as to prove that you passed the Jamb examination with the required cut-off mark
4) O’ LEVEL RESULT: Your O’level result should be kept some place safe in a soft copy format as you would be asked to Upload it…
NB: You must have a credit pass in Required subjects in your field of application
5) ADMISSION LETTER: Admission Letter both from Jamb and your Institution or jamb/Institution Must be asked get them ready today!
6) A PASSPORT PHOTOGRAPH: A passport is a valid means of Identification so please do not upload a passport u took when you were very much little.The passport Must be Current!
7) LOCAL GOVERNMENT AREA IDENTIFICATION: This applies mostly to scholarships exclusive to students from a specific area of locality for example,Scholarships for Mbano students in Imo state would require a LGA Identification to show you are really from Mbano.
8) CGPA RESULT: This is for students in 200 level and above like myself…You need it to show you meet the required CGPA for the scholarship…Most scholarships use 3.5 as a minimum..
Even if you apply at 100 level,you would need to constantly send them your CGPA after every Academic session to show that you still retain the Required CGPA and above…
I wonder why FUTO hasn’t given us ours yet
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