How to Add more Widgets to a Tab in Blogger Layout
In the blogger Layout,There are some sections like the Header,cross-column,Footer and the Rest.Some of these Sections are allowed only one Widget by Default…So In this post,Ill give the tips on how to Add more Widgets to a section By simply changing few things in the HTML Codes of The Template.

Sign in to your Blogger Dashboard
Click on Template
Click on Edit HTML
You are to carefully look for the Section You want to work on,You can as well hit CTRL+F and search the name 
This is an Example,for the Navbar section of a blogger Layout
<b:section class=’navbar’ id=’navbar’ maxwidgets=’1′ name=’Navbar’ showaddelement=’no’>
By Default, the maxwidgets is the Highest Number of Widgets that can be on that section, and It is set as 1…All you have to do is change the value to maybe 2,3,4,5, depending on your choice and the part for showaddelement  which has been set to ‘no’ can be changed to ‘yes’ if you want the “Add a Gadget” Button to be shown on the section,Otherwise,If its set as no You have to Drag the widget there.
Some sections Do not have the maxwidgets there so you have to add it yourself..see an example below
 <b:section class=’main’ id=’main’ name=’Main’ showaddelement=’no’>

All you have to do is add maxwidgets=’1′ after the ‘id’ and before the ‘name’,so it looks like this
  <b:section class=’main’ id=’main’ maxwidgets=’1′ name=’Main’ showaddelement=’no’>

The 1 in the maxwidgets can be changed to any value of your choice as discussed above.
You may get an Error Message when trying to save the Arrangement after this setup,What you are to do is to Close the Browser tab of your Blogger Dashboard and wait for few seconds then open your Dashboard in a new Tab.
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