How to share blog posts to social media automatically

The Amount of Traffic you can get to your blog through social media is Unbelievable,especially when you have a very large social media fan base including followers and friends.

Initially, I used to share my posts to my facebook  and twitter pages after i publish a post,but after I started making a lot of posts daily, I decided to use some easy methods to share my posts to social media, thereby sparing me the time and stress, And Incase I forget to do so myself.

I use two platforms which are Hootsuite and Twitterfeed.

The reason I use two is because of the number of social media accounts and profiles I have. Hootsuite allows only two accounts on its Free membership account so I put my facebook profile and Oscarleeblog page there. I then put my Twitter account and LinkedIn account on my Twitter feed account.


  1. Firstly, Go to and sign up an account.
  2. Then you need to link your profiles to the account Through the ‘Add Network’ Option
  3. Once your account is linked,It would scan through it and show all groups,pages e.t.c linked to your social media  account.
  4. Then you can therefore choose which of them you want to want to use,but you Must be an Admin of a Facebook group before you can share your blog posts there.
  5. Go to the publisher section and look for RSS or RSS FEEDS
  6. You need your blog Rss feed which is for those using the free blogspot domain and for those with custom domains.

You can set the frequency at which your blog would be checked for new posts maybe after 30 Minutes,1 hour e.t.c.

Use this same method for twitterfeed, Your blog RSS URL is what is needed.

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Happy Blogging!!!

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