Ipad Air 3 and Iphone 5se going on sales on march 18th?

There are Speculations That the Long awaited Ipad Air 3 and Iphone 5se are going to be on sales,in stores and Online on the same day being March 18th 2016.

Wondering How the 5se looks like? Well its Identical to the 5s but comes with a A9 chipset, NFC and Apple Pay support, always-on Siri activation, as well as the iPhone 6’s camera.

So to those people who Prefer the 5s feel and love the 6’s camera,The 5se is just Right for you.

Also, The Ipad Air 3 comes with Features Like the Smart Connector, Apple Pencil support, and four speakers. It may also be the First Apple Tablet to come with a LED Flash.

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