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Alexa, a site global and country traffic ranking platform is no doubt, the most used in the world. An Amazon company which analyzes sites and place the one with highest traffic in the past 3 months as number one, while the site with the lowest traffic around 30 million.  Why do bloggers need the Alexa rank widget on their Blog? To simply show off how good and popular your blog is based on traffic to your Readers and potential Advertisers. I also heard that having the widget increases one’s ranking… Not sure of that anyway.

 You can skip the sign up process below if you already have an Alexa account, and proceed to the widget code

    • Go to the Alexa official website which is
    • Sign up for a free 7days trial account as you’ll be asked to upgrade to the paid package after 7 days,but if you feel like, you can get the paid package at once.
    • When signing up, you’ll be asked to Input a payment method… I simply put it my MasterCard which was without funds, but I deleted it afterwards.
    • When you sign up, there’s a code you’ll be asked to put in your blog HTML Source code for proper indexing of your site,above the </head> tag.
    • When you put it, as instructions are there to follow, then you have to come back here to get the widget code for your blog below.

     <div style=”text-align: center;”>
    <a href=”“><script type=”text/javascript” src=”“></script></a>

     Replace the highlighted blue links with your blog link. If you don’t want the widget aligned center, maybe you want it left or right, then replace it with the center highlighted in Red. Remember, you are to put this code using the HTML/Javascript gadget on your blog layout.

     That’s all.

     Have some questions? Relay them via the comment box below.

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