Classifieds, or Modern Web-Based Market

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When we say ‘modern’ we almost always mean something related to the Internet and web technologies. Speaking about commerce and marketing, they are for sure greatly influenced by the development of web technologies. As a result, a modern marketplace is based on the Internet and is represented in form of classifieds.

Classifieds is the collection of advertisements from different categories and spheres. They remind good old newspaper advertising, but are more advanced. Changing the domain has brought new benefits. And the most important one is the possibility to use website for free. The main disadvantage of newspaper classified advertising is obvious: you have to pay for every line of the text. Web classifieds, on the contrary, provide very detailed information about an item and its photos.

You can post adverts absolutely for free, which is really great. Just think: even on a real market you have to pay rent for a stall. Classifieds provide the possibility to show what you are selling to the large audience and don’t require any payments. One more pleasant feature is that users deal with each other directly. There are no assistants or intermediaries. As a result, there are no extra charges and overpricing. This is probably the reason why a great number of prices is negotiable and why you can bargain. 

A possibility to use the service for free attracts a huge number of both sellers and buyers. Just think: the quantity of active offers on Jiji amounts to over 520,000, and the number of monthly visitors equals to more than 10,000,000 people. There are a lot of regular users with a good reputation formed by positive feedbacks and reviews. There are buyers who come back again and again. The reason is simple: with Jiji, you save your precious time and spend less money. Shopping on is available from anywhere, and prices for items are the lowest you can find.

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