How to Reduce the Bounce Rate of Your Blog/Website

Reducing my bounce rate

According to GOOGLE ANALYTICS, a bounce rate is the percentage(%) measured based on how your Readers visit and Leave your blog.If a reader visits your blog ,reads only one post and leave immediately,the bounce rate would be around 100%. So to reduce your bounce rate,you need to engage your readers so as not to leave so fast,making them read almost all your posts without noticing.

Why should Your Blog Bounce rate matter to you? When giving analytics of your website/blog,maybe to an Advertising Firm or to a potential personal Advertiser,Apart from your visits,Page views and countries with most visits,your Bounce rate would be asked for. Advertisers can be scared away when You have a high bounce rate,and for sure,you lose possible Income.

DID YOU KNOW: Engaging your Blog readers doesn’t only reduce bounce rate but also increases your Blog pageviews and Ads Impression?

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Become a Niche Blogger: People surf the web for some reasons and visits your site for the same reason.The mistake most newbie Bloggers make is to Blog about anything they come accross ranging from Entertainment,fashion,food e.t.c. this makes a blog to lose it’s uniqueness and confuse readers both new/old. Bottom line is,Focus on a specific Niche you have passion for and attract loyal readers who wil visit your blog for something they know they would get based on your Niche…what more? They wont mind taking time to read most of your Posts since they find interest in the Niche.

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Send Links to other Posts From a Post: Sending Links to other posts from your Blog from a particular post being read engages readers like magic..This yields more results especially when the link is at the top of the post body…To do this,Just use the Link feature of your Post editor…But use an Attractive title.

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You Might Also Like: This widget shows Random posts from your Blog under any post being after a reader reads a particular post,this widget engages him/her without having to go back to the Home page.

Related Posts: This Widget shows Post related to the particular post being read,and Not randomly.Only Posts in the same Label as the Post being Read are Displayed as Related Post..Another reason to have labels for your Blog posts..But Unfortunately,This widget doesnt show on the Desktop/web view of some Blogs Due to the Template Being Used…

NOTE: I used mostly the word Blog in this post,but this can also work on a Website as the title says…The widgets are all in Html codes and can be easily Inserted in any website….Interested in these widgets? Click Here to contact me,and Ill set it up for you for free. If you’re viewing this post from a mobile device, then you’ll see the widgets below… If not then click Here to see how the widgets look like.

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