How to stop country redirection of .blogspot domain

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All blogs on the blogspot platform come with a .blogspot attached to the url of the blog e.g until a custom domain name is linked to the blog which would redirect the former .blogspot domain to the new custom domain like .com, .uk etc. Also the .blogspot domain redirect to specific countries by default, that when  sometimes a domain would look like, and the rest. In this post, I’ll reveal a code that can be placed in your blog template HTML code to permanently stop the country redirection.


  • Sign in to your blogger dashboard >>>Template >>> Edit HTML then search for </head> by using the search box by clicking CTRL+F
  • Once you locate the </head> tag, place the code below directly under it

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var blog = document.location.href.toLowerCase();
if (!blog.match(/ {
blog = blog.replace(/.blogspot..*?//, “”);

Then click the save Template button.

That’s all.

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