Increase Your Blog comments with these Tips

Increase blog comments

There are two most Popular and Dominating blogging platforms which are; Blogger(Blogspot) and WordPress. There has been a continuous debate over which is Better, but finally I’d say they both have their flaws, but I prefer WordPress for these two reasons;

  1. Better and more advanced widgets(Plug-Ins)
  2. Better commenting system

Now Let’s talk about Blogger(Blogspot) commenting System

When trying to comment on a PC (Desktop view), you experience ease always, but can I say the same about the mobile view? NO. Due to two reasons;

  1. Post a comment Button Not working
  2. Device Browser In Use

 Post a comment Button Not working?
Note that this button only appears on the mobile view of your blog,for the desktop view, the comment box appears automatically by default.

Most Times due to some reasons or the other, this button doesn’t function when clicked.You can imagine how annoying it feels when I do experience this when trying to comment on some blogs, I try reloading the page, try again and the same thing, then I give up. A potential comment has been Lost!

But there is a solution to this anyway, with a simple CSS code which doesn’t affect loading time or site speed added to your template, the comment box automatically loads with the post page, it appears once the page loads complete making commenting easier and more POSSIBLE.


NOTE: You may need to set your blogger Mobile view to custom before this code can work. Also, this code may not work on some third party templates.

  • Sign In to your blogger Dashboard 
  • click on the template tab >>Backup your Template first(Very Important) 
  • Click on the Edit HTML Button  
  • in the HTML box, hit CTRL+F to get s search box in the search box, paste  ]]></b:skin>

==> Paste the CSS code below directly above ]]></b:skin>

.mobile .blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

.blogger-iframe-colorize {
display: block !important;

  •  save your Template. 
  •  You can access the mobile view of your blog on a PC by adding /?m=1 as a suffix to your URL e.g

Device Browser in use:

Blog commenting can be affected by the browser in use. You can run a test on this. According to my Google analytics, I get my highest  mobile visits with opera mini browser and that’s a big problem for me due to the nature of the browsers. I tried commenting by myself only for the page to keep reloading and my comments not going through. Like I said, you can run a test. Just because I prefer surfing using Firefox and safari browsers, doesn’t mean my readers do the same.

 Something must be done I said to myself.

 I started some research on best commenting system and found two; Disqus and Intensedebate. I initially tried disqus which became a disappointment due to it’s excessive loading time and reduction in my sites speed . I then tried commentluv, which is a plug-in for the intensedebate commenting system which can be activated or deactivated.


Commentluv, like I said earlier on is a plug-in. It sends backlinks to the website of commenters when/If they Input their URL in the website box.

 Advantage I get from Using Commentluv

  • It encourages more comments as every website owner would love some free backlinks which yields more traffic.
  •  It works well on any browser and doesn’t affect the site’s speed I get the emails of my commenters after a comment has been made, which I copy and add to my email broadcast list of my blog posts*winks*
  • the Commenter’s profile can be customized with avatars
  •  more CSS designs and more on your intensedebate Dashboard, you be in total control.

the only setback with this comment box is the possibility of getting more spam comments, as people may leave irrelevant comments and just aim for the free backlinks, you can get comments like Nice tips, thanks, nice posts and the rest. But there’s a spam detector plug in to prevent spam comments . soon enough popular blog like, would start using this comment system.

I’m using commentluv For a while now and my blog comments have just gotten better, other than the boring default blogger comment system, uhm, I also forgot to mention the smiley options.

In my next post on blogging tips, I’ll write a post on How to set Up commentluv comment box on your blog,so bookmark this site, subscribe to my RSS feeds and to my posts via E-mail using the customized box.

Now you’ve read it through, don’t forget to ask any question of your choice through the comment box, drop your view on this post.

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