Douglas Owerri, What Goes down there and How it affects Nigerian students

Douglas Owerri and futo

Owerri is the capital of Imo state with so many popular parts such as Ihiagwa, Egbu road, Port Harcourt road, Douglas among others.
Douglas is actually very popular because of the market there where you can buy virtually anything ranging from foodstuffs, household items, down to Electronic Gadgets, Infact Douglas is almost Identical to the Alaba market in Lagos.
What different about Douglas? For sure, any kind of big markets are prone to thieves, scammers, pickpockets and the rest and Douglas is not an exception, just the level and way it’s done here that’s different.

Below are some experiences of students.

“I went to Douglas to buy a pair of shoe, a blue vans to be precise, so when I met the seller ‘Aboki’ and priced the shoe and he told me N1,500 but after much persuation, I was able to get it for N1,200 being very happy, I decided to pin it, so I gave a shoemaker and left to get other items. When I returned, he told me everything was for N1,500. Lol just for pins being sold for N50 I asked him. He started gingering me and before I knew it, I was surrounded by 5 other guys with guns, I was scared and had to drop the money. I totally spent N2,700 for that single shoe, I couldn’t even buy anything again and got into a bus going straight to school. “

 -Chibueze (MME FUTO) 

Now, this second one was what I saw when I went to buy a ceiling fan.

Just few metres away from me, I saw a guy shouting and chasing a thief who took his wallet, he was screaming at the top of his voice ‘thief, thief, thief’, and guess what? Everyone were giving way for the thief to run and minding their own business.
And this happened in broad day light, I asked myself this, can this ever happen in Aba market? *sighs*

There are so many experiences I’ve heard about which I can’t post all here, but Douglas is a very rough area, where my buddy’s school fees was stolen.

Douglas is run by thieves, pick pockets and gang members who own the place, making people keep quiet and mind their business for their own safety.


  1. Don’t dress too flashy; Try as much as possible not to wear things that attracts, such as coloured wristbands, expensive clothes and the likes. 
  2. Try as much as possible to dress SMART so as not to get attention and also be careful of the surrounding


  • When going to Town, don’t carry your phone along
  • Don’t carry along too much cash 
  • If you want to buy a phone, I advice you wait till you get home incase you stay in places like Lagos, because you’re prone to buy fake devices.

Well, I guess these post helps someone, feel free to ask questions, drop your contributions and your views.

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