How to protect your Blogspot blog from being Hacked

Protect blogspot from hackers

Believe me, All accounts are vulnerable to hacks, even top professional website are prone to being hacked.

On Tuesday, April 5th I experienced hackers on this blog, my 2 Gmail accounts together with 1 yahoo mail were hacked simultaneously.
Blogger is more vulnerable due to Google ‘one password for everything Google’ setup, meaning that once your Gmail password has been gotten, that’s enough access to your Blog, YouTube account, Adsense account and the rest.

Ever since I moved into my new apartment for this semester, I’ve been meeting new people with different ideas and even more people since they knew about this blog.

So Ben stays on the same floor with me and actually gave me some SEO videos and yea, he knows some things about the Internet and stuff. Then, he said he could hack my blog, I actually told him to go ahead if he could then we both laughed it out then he left. To me, I wasn’t comfortable with the threat but I kept that aside without knowing he was serious about it.

OK, let me not Bore you with the story.

After I was hacked and recovered my password using some security questions, I was re-hacked two more times the next day, I had to confront him. Initially he denied, but after 2 days, he called me and told me everything and how to protect my blog which I’ll be sharing with you below

When I asked him how he got my email address , he told me through Facebook……Facebook? Wait, wait, wait, that’s true, my email on Facebook is public and visible to everyone who views my profile. But, my Facebook email is yahoo and not Gmail……

How then did he get my Gmail account?

Recovery Emails and Linking: using the recovery email of my yahoo mail, he was able to get my Gmail.

NOTE: Open a separate email account for any other mailing activities totally different from the mail used for your blog.

Step 2 verification : this is a security measure which allows a one time code to be sent to the recovery phone number of your E-mail during any login attempt but unfortunately, I couldn’t find Nigeria among the List of countries.

Domain WHOIS protection : If you used the same email for your blog for your domain registration, you need to protect your personal information from the public such as Name, E-mail, Billing address and the rest.
Godaddy sells protection for about $10 yearly,last time I checked.

Do not save your password on any device

Now let’s do some outlining;

  • DO NOT share your blog E-mail to anyone, open a separate E-mail for such.
  • Get a domain WHOIS Protection for your blog for about $10 yearly
  • Setup Step 2 verification for your email, although not available for all countries
  • Don’t save your password on any device
  • Use a difficult password having uppercase and symbols e.g oScaRLEE100%
  • Get a good anti-virus for your device to tackle any form of spyware and malware

OK, that all for now, but note that this Post would constantly be Updated, so bookmark this page on your browser.

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Hope this post was helpful, please do drop your comments Below.

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