Latest Data subscription codes for MTN 1GB and 3.75GB

 Most times, I just pity MTN After so many Times their free browsing and Airtime cheats Have surfaced online. If you ask me, I think they’ve had a close door discussion on why Internet Tweaker take time to crack free browsing cheats of their Network, and Maybe After everything, they’ve decided to implement the Economics principle that states that ‘as Price reduces, Demand tends to Increase’,meaning that at a reduced price, people may Decide to get a data subscription Instead of Looking for cheats, Exactly what Globacom are currently enjoying.

I just got a text message from them on the latest Data subscription codes. Which are  1.3GB and 3.75GB for N1,000 and N2,000 respectively with a Validity period of 30Days.

This Data works on all devices and can be connected to your PC via the hotspot connectivity, but this is not the same as a BIS Subscription please Note.

Recharge your Mtn line with N1000 and send 106 to 131 via SMS and get an activation and welcome text message.

Recharge your MTN line with N2000 and send 110 to 131 via SMS.

What Do you think about this offer?

Well I think I’ll give it a try Because MTN has the strongest Data connectivity at my location and also, it’s comparable to the 1.5GB I get from Glo for the same N1,000.

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