How to Convert Your Documents to PDF format Using a mobile App

Most People who Have scanners and use them for Business make cool cash, I vividly Remember when I paid a whooping N100 ($0.50 Approx.) to Scan a Single Document back when I didn’t Have a Scanner Machine.

There are so many Instances Now when we’ll be asked to Upload a Document right From Job Applications, Scholarship Application, Insurance Verification and many others and what other Format would be very much Acceptable and Flexible than a  PDF format (.pdf).?

You can Now convert Your Document Files to PDF format Using an App called CAM SCANNER Right from your Device, Just Incase Microsoft Office on PC isn’t available.


  1. Download the App on Google play store Here
  2. Open the App, take the Document to a Bright room for a clear Picture Quality.
  3. Take a Photo of the Document and convert it to PDF format easily with one click.
  4. You can then Save The Document and Send to your Required Receipient.

This Feature is Very Much Applicable for:

  • Attaching your CV for a Job Application
  • Attaching Required Documents for a Scholarship Application
  • Verification of Your Payoneer Mastercard.

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