How to Enable Zoom In and Zoom out for your Blog on all devices and browsers

Enable blogger zooming

Most times, while surfing the Web, we Find some interesting stuffs maybe a picture or an article that may be too Tiny to see clearly, what’s the Solution? We zoom In.

Zooming in an Out in Web pages makes surfing more interesting and easy, and That your Wonderful Blog isn’t Left out. So below is the setup I used for my Blog and working Perfectly.

Backup Your Template First Just In case…

  • Log in to Your Blogger Dashboard 
  • Click on Template 
  • Then >>> Edit HTML 
  • In the HTML box, Hit CTR +F for the search Box. 
  • In the search box, input </Head> and hit the Enter Key.

<meta content=’width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0, maximum-scale=12.0, minimum-scale=.25, user-scalable=yes’ name=’viewport’/>

  • Paste the Code Above Immediately above the </Head> tag
  • Preview then Save Your Template. 

That’s all.

Kindly drop your contribution if this Post was helpful and if it worked for you.


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