How to Write a Blog Post

Although, how to create a new blog post in blogspot or blogger’s blog appears simple as A B C, yet, you shouldn’t expect a newbie knows how to do it as you do.

I was surprised that “how to create a new blog post” was one those answers I received, when I posted in a Facebook group on ‘what could be some difficulties bloggers face while blogging’. This however, was an eye opener to me that many people newly joining the blogging industry could be wailing and wandering about exact where and how to come up with a new blog post, in order to get their information, ideas and potentials expressed on the internet.

It is no doubt possible for a beginner, after setting up a blog, or maybe some helped them in the process, could get sucked and overwhelmed on exact where and what next step to take, in ensuring that his or her write-ups are being registered in his or her blog, and get seen on the internet. The reasons being that just as our faces differ, so is our strength, drives and smartness. 
Making a new blog post.
Just like I said that creating a new blog post is easy and simple as counting A B C, for the purpose of clarity, the following step by step guidelines would help you create a successful blogspot or blogger’s post without errors:
1.     Log into Blogspot or Blogger dashboard with your login credentials, depending on which platform you’re using. Your dashboard should look like as appeared in the image below.

2.     Now, you are to stumble on a ‘new blog post’ page. So click on the small arrow pointing down at the right of the ‘post list’ icon and select ‘posts’ in the drop-down menu would appear. 

At the posts page, though, as a beginner you have no post yet, therefore disregard the post you see in the image below. So, click on “new post” so you get directly into a new post page.

3.     When you click on a “new post” tab, it should take you to a new post page. Then, type in your blog post title in the first space at the top of the page, and copy and paste your already written article in the second wide space below the first. Remember to arrange your article as desired. Example: paragraphing, subheadings, bulleting, boding, italic etc by highlighting them using keyboard control functions, or by using the blog features on top of the blog post container.

4.     At the right hand side of the same page, click on “Label” (known as category in WordPress) to label your blog post. After you’ve labeled your article, click done to get attach to the post, just as directed on the image above.
5.    Very importantly, for core search engine optimization purposes, click on “Permalink” so it can fetch and show you exactly how your blog title would look like. You can edit it to your appropriate desired post link by clicking “custom permalink” and thereafter, click done (see the above image). The reason is that, the default permalink usually skip some words in your post title if your blog title is long. Ensure checking and editing if necessary before finally published your post because, once you published, you might not be able to edit it again.
Finally, when you’re through with all these processes, you can now publish your post by clicking on “update” at the top of the page. 

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