Eligibility to make Payments to Payoneer Account

Make payment to Payoneer

 Instead of withdrawing payoneer funds at N192/$1, we sometimes would prefer to sell the funds at an higher Rate. But this could be very very frustrating when you’re unable to make Payments due to some Reason Below.


“Many Payoneer users receive payments in several currencies (USD, EUR,GBP, etc.). Your account may only be open to make payments from one of these currencies.  To see whether the Make a Payment service is open for you, log in to Payoneer, and select a card or currency account from the drop down menu at the top of the ‘My Account’, (just below the navigation menu). If you are eligible, you will see ‘Pay’ appear on the navigation bar.

  1. Are you currently receiving payments from existing partners or via the Global Payment Service?  Often times, we open our “premium” services only to customers that have been receiving payments from trusted partners or via our most popular services.  The best way to gain eligibility is to simply get started receiving payments.

  1. Have you filled out the questionnaire and provided a copy of your photo ID?  Sometimes we need just a bit more information about you before we can open the service, so if you haven’t already, be sure to offer this information.”

     – Culled from Payoneer Blog

What the premium services stated in (1) above is all about : Just for verification purposes and other reasons, making payments just Immediately after Receiving your First ever funds would be Impossible. They really want you to make use of the Mastercard Once, or Receive two or more payments. People may just make payments at the first instant and they’re off Payoneer, and that’s gonna cost them alot irrespective of the $29.95 debit for the Mastercard Maintenance since making payments is Absolutely FREE!. Let me give an instance, You Receive $200 to your account and just before the maintenance fee is debited, you make payments of the $200. They’ve lost, knowing fully well that you may Never use the particular account again.

The Questionnaire and Photo ID Verification stated in (2) Above: just like every other sign ups, the Questionnaire Feature is Very necessary in Gathering more User Data. Questionnaires are also used for password Recovery among others. Setting up your Payoneer Questionnaire is important before you can make payments to Payoneer Account.
       The photo ID could be Documents like Government Issued ID card, Drivers license, National passport etc. and these must also be uploaded.

If You’re having Difficulties converting the above Documents to PDF, which is the Acceptable Format, you may want to use this APP Here to Resolve it.

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