Hi bloggers, I am Okon George, the CEO of Today, I’m offered another opportunity to guest post on this blog once again. My first guest post was on how to write a blog post. So in today’s article I’m rightly going to work you through how to setup commentluv in blogger blog.

What is commentluv?

Commentluv is an exceptional wordpress plugin that was meant to change the way people comment, and a popular commenting system for wordpress users that has grown in popularity and mainly used by most bloggers to increase interaction through comments and build traffic.

Base on Commentluv wide range of user’s engagement and ability to give quality backlinks to commenters, most webmasters and site editors now prefers integrating commentluv into their website or blog in order to attract more visitors for comment. More visitors now also yield interest in commenting on site with Commentluv just for the bases of dropping blog post url as backlinks. 

Commentluv plugin or add-on that was first used with wordpress to magnetize readers, socialize comment and visualize blog post, is popular acceptable third party blog commenting software, acceptable by Google blogger for blogspot and blogger users who might want to switch their blog commenting system.

How does commentluv works?

Commentluv blog commenting system when integrated into website or blog, satisfied it proficiency by rewarding the commenter with his or her latest blog post url within the comment, whereby the commenter gain back backlink to his or her site. 

It offers a win-win situation between the blog owner who gain more traffic and comment, and backlinks for the commenter by displaying their latest blog post url. It is the most reasons behind increasing usage of commentluv commenting system by webmasters and site editors.

The premium version of commentluv plugin also make it thriving for webmasters because, webmasters can choose to reward top commenters by giving them a “nofollow” link with this plugin on their comment.

Commentluv as approved and widely used commenting system is used as a plugin in wordpress, that can be uploaded or installed directly into wordpress site for immediate blog commenting.

Commentluv can work on blogspot or blogger blog through an intensedebate which also help enhance and encourages conversation on your blog or website.
Note: while using commentluv commenting system on your blogger platform, it must replace the default Google Blogspot or Blogger commenting system.

Disadvantage of using commentluv

In-spite how webmasters love commentluv due to its ability to improve users activities, traffic and backlinks, there are few considerable disadvantages of using commentluv as blog commenting system. The following downsides are as follows:
1.     Increase spammers – The perk of integrating commentluv with a backlink enticement for commenter could lead to increase in spam links.

While some people can go as far of using bots to drop comments, the real user engagement can be lost through users (commenter) who are just after dropping of comments to get backlinks without actually reading or taking any further action on site.

Ensure constant monitoring of your commentluv through IntenseDebate platform in order to checkmate any regular comment or links regarded as spam through IntenseDebate>> Plugin>> Comments.

2.     Increases external/broken links – Since users would love to comment and to get backlinks, there is a greater change of increasing external backlinks and even broken links. This can affect the website or blog loading time and possibly increase error pages. This can turn around affect your blog ranking.

Ensure staying up to date to checkmate your blog broken links regularly.

3.     Slow blog loading time – Commentluv can slow down your general site loading time due to huge number of external links the blog may try to fetch while on search. This can have bad impact on prospective website or blog visitors. 

How to install commentluv in blogger blog

My bone of contention is with regard to commentluv for blogger, but if you’re using wordpress and you don’t know how to integrate commentluv to work on your wordpress blog, then you simply need to login to your wordpress dashboard>>plugin>>Add New>> then search with keyword “commentluv”. When you find commentluv plugin through search, simply click on install now and then activate the plugin so it can start working. 

Remember you can adjust it setting to best suit your likes.

To integrate commentluv plugin for blogger blog that will be possible through third party site know as Intensedebateto make it work. Simply follow below step by step guidelines to setup commentluv for blogger blog:

1.     Visit IntenseDebate. 

Simply go to Intensedebateto create an account by clicking “signup”.

2.     Register Intensedebate account.
So, you are required to register by filling the form but remember to tick “I want to install Intensedebate on my blog or website. When that is done, clicks submit and check your email to confirm your registration. 

3.      Go to Intensedebate sites option.

Now, visit Intensedebate and login into your Intensedebate account.

4.     Add your blog.

Right inside your account, click on Sites>>Add blog/Site.  Thereafter, enter your website or blog url as seen in the image above, where you are taken to a page you are to choose blogging platform.

5.     Select platform.

Now, choose your blogging platform from the available blogging platforms by clicking on (blogger) precisely. Once you click on (blogger) it will take to you to installation page which is very important page.

6.     Follow installation instruction.

You’re now in installation page where you need to follow the Follow the installation instruction. This section is very important, you’ll need to tick the box that says All New Posts (recommended).


7.     Backup and download existing template.

The instruction is just as sequential as next to backing up and uploading the existing template. Now, you have to go back to your Blogger dashboard in another window as required in the instruction in no.6 step above, in order to backup your template.

By backing up template, you have to download your existing blogger template in (xml) format through “backup/restore function”. The directive goes like this – Dashboard>>Template>>Backup/Restore>>Download Full Template.  

Why do you have to backup your template?

Firstly, should in case you made a silly mistake, you can go back and upload your already saved template and start using it even without commentluv.

Secondly, IntenseDebate will need you to upload the already downloaded (xml) template file, so it can override it default commenting system, such that you can then copy and save the modified template in your template editor.

So, ensure you download and save it somewhere convenient.

8.     Upload template and modify code.

Uploading template and modifying codes is to take place right on IntenseDebate platform. Therefore, haven’t backed up and downloaded the full template, it’s time to upload your full blogger template for default comment system modification.

So, you are to click on “Browse” as seen in no.6 of the steps above. A pop up tab of your computer root file will open. Click on the exact file (xml) you already downloaded so that it ready for upload. 

Now, click on “Upload file and continue” so you can start uploading the XML template file, which the uploading process which will take you to a new page box with modified codes inside it.

This means that your template codes has been modified with commentluv/intensedebate commenting system. So, all you have to do now is to copy the modified template code as seen in the image below.

So you have to copy all the codes. You first need to highlight it all by clicking inside the code box pressing Ctrl + A, then press Ctrl + C to copy it the whole code.
9.      Replace the modified code with old template code in code editor.

You are to paste or replace the code you copied in a pop up box in above example in your template editor. Therefore, you need to go back to your Blogger >>Dashboard>>Template>>Edit HTML.  

Now, highlight your Blogger template edit code using Ctrl + A and press “backspace” in your keyboard to remove all the highlighted code. Now, paste the modified codes you copied from Intensedebate platform by pressing Ctrl + V of your keyboard. Thereafter, click save template.

You can confirm if your new template has been modified with Commentluv by clicking anywhere inside the template code and press Ctrl + F to search for “IntenseDebate” in a tiny search box that will appear at top right of the template code editor panel. Congratulation if you see “IntenseDebate” inside the codes of the search results, if not, you have to repeat the process.

10.      Activate commentluv.

Lastly, you have to go back to IntenseDebate so you can activate the plugin. At IntenseDebate platform as seen at the step 8 of the above “upload template and modify code image, click on the beneath link that says “configure this IntenseDebate account”.
 Thereafter click on “activate” to activate commentluv plugin in your blogger blog.

In conclusion, commentluv plugin remain one of the best commenting system for wordpress bloggers. In blogger however, commentluv plugin works well but with the help of Intensedebate software. When followed the above processes correctly, you’ll definitely would start and love using commentluv for blogger blog.

I hope this blog post has helped you figure out how immportant is Commentluv plugin, and you can successfully integrate it into your blog. Kindly share and comment. 

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