Your Guide to Choosing Jewellery

 If you want to look perfect sometimes wearing expensive branded clothing and stylish shoes is not enough. Everything comes from the little details. So you should always remember about nice and well-made accessories and jewellery. These small things can tell a lot about you for people you meet every day. 

But how to choose the coolest jewellery to fit all your clothes? And what should you pay attention to while searching the right ring or necklace? Surely it’s all about materials because concerning forms and style it depends on personal taste.

There are three precious metals you should wear jewellery made of: gold, silver and platinum.

Gold actually doesn’t need a big presentation. It is the most famous precious metal. Looking for some gold jewellery you should be aware that gold is measured in karats with 24 karat gold being pure. But unfortunately it is never clear gold. It is always mixed with different other metals in small percentage. Higher karat gold which means clearer is more expensive.

Silver is the most common of the precious metals. It is famous and well-spread since ancient times. It is popular and not as expensive as gold, although stronger and lighter in weight. Unfortunately. a problem of wearing silver jewellery is that it tends to darken because of time. But nevertheless there are many simple ways to lighten it again.

Platinum is the most expensive precious metal today. It is very strong and has a white, silver color making it perfect combination to diamonds and other precious stones. This is a popular metal for engagement and wedding rings and has become increasingly fashionable nowadays.
Where to get
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