Facebook Messenger set to Introduce End-to-End Encryption Feature

End-to-end encryption coming to Facebook Messenger

 We can Recall that April this year, WhatsApp got end-to-end encryption enabled by Default for all of its users and by May, Facebook which is also owner of Whatsapp started to test this same Feature on its Platform. But end-to-end Encryption on Facebook would be Different as its Not by Default but having Opt-in option, which simply means you can use the Feature only If you want to.

This Feature is only made Available to some users for Now. And like Always, end-to-end encryption is the Feature that protects your messages making no one Being able to Intercept, not even the Owners (Facebook, Whatsapp, Viber etc) would be able to see your Messages. Just you and the person you’re talking/chatting with.


Like mentioned Above, End to End Encryption is by choice and you can start it using the Secret Conversation option. Only messages In the Secret Conversation chat are Encrypted while all others won’t be.

Better still, you can also set a Timer which after limit, all the conversation would disappear.

Like WhatsApp, the Messenger implementation of end-to-end encryption uses the Signal Protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems.

I’m Definitely going to Enjoy this Feature, what about you?

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