Get your Payoneer card anywhere in Nigeria within 2 weeks with extra $25.

How to get payoneer card in Nigeria

 If you’re a Nigerian Reading this and you aren’t Familiar with Payoneer, Read these 3 posts Here, Here and Here

A lot of people have Laid complaint regarding their payoneer card not coming to their post Office or house address even after so many months after Request. You won’t Believe I got my card within Just 2 weeks, same duration it takes me to receive people card who use my Lagos Address.

Just Incase you have Been expecting your card for a Long time now, I’m willing to give you my House Address which you’ll use to get the card, when the card arrives, you’ll pay for the Way bill fee only and get it delivered to your House. Also, if you Sign up through me, you’ll get a Whooping $25 when you receive any first Payment of $100. This simply means that signing up with me will cover the $30 Payoneer charge the First time you use the card, leaving your Funds at $95 just Incase your First received Payment is $100.

I’d love to Drop my Address and Sign up Link Here, but for some Reasons, I’ll prefer you contact me via Whatsapp, E-mail or text to get the Address. Use as Email and +2348140988050 as my Mobile Number.

Let’s work together and get your payoneer card within 2-3 weeks maximum and start receiving online Payments with a $25 extra on your first Payment.

If you haven’t signed up for Payoneer before, Kindly sign up Here and receive the $25 but if you want to use my Address to sign up a New account, then contact me Here.

Looking forward to Hearing from you.

Best Regards,

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