How to setup Facebook page Plugin widget on your Blog

 There’s no Doubt that Facebook is like the Biggest social Media platform with so many people from different parts of the world with different likes and Interest. Also, you’d love your Blog Readers to be from Different countries so as to bring about more exposure and this can be easily achieved through Facebook.

A Facebook page is very essential for both professionalism and bringing returning visitors to your site. Once your page is liked, they see your fresh updates posted on your page on their timeline and they click on the Link thereby Arriving at your site.

In this Post, I’ll simply give easy steps on how to get the Facebook page Plugin widget and embed it in your Blog


  • Visit the Facebook plug-in Page by clicking HERE
  • When the Page opens, you’ll see a tab ‘Facebook Page URL‘, you’ll simply put your page url there. Just Incase you don’t know how to get your page url, just visit your Facebook page and copy the url in the Address box.(see screenshot below)
Facebook like widget in blogger
  • If you want your page recent posts to show in the Plugin on your site, leave the ‘Timeline’ in the Tabs box. (see screenshot Below)
Facebook page Plugin widget code
  • If you Don’t want your Page recent updates to show on the widget, make the Tab box empty.
  •  Also Tick or Untick those other small boxes like ‘Use small header’, ‘Hide cover Photo’ according to your taste.
  •  After that, click on the ‘Get code‘ Button (screenshot Below)
Setup Facebook page plugin
  • When getting the Code, select the Iframe, which you’ll put in your HTML/JAVASCRIPT Gadget on your Blog.(screenshot Below)
Facebook page widget for blog

You have the make the HTML/JAVASCRIPT Gadget where you’ll place the Iframe code to show on mobile view version of your Blog, read the tutorial HERE

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