Adclickmedia Review: Is a Scam Ad Network? Read This

Adclickmedia scam review

MY 2016 Experience with

When I opened this blog in November 2015, I never knew how bloggers made their money. I just felt good when I was getting traffic and comments.

I started visiting tutorial blogs like, where I understood what blog monetization involved working with Adsense or other legit, well-paying ad networks on your blog.

I didn’t apply for AdSense at that time, but I started testing other Ad networks like Adquet and

Around January 2016, I was earning about $0.30 $0.50 daily on, and with the threshold being $50, I was determined to reach it and cash out. Anyway, I think I removed their ads when I was on $5 to test other Ad networks and didn’t place them back since I finally got an Adsense account around March.

Fast forward to October 2016, I decided to test them (Adclickmedia) again by placing their ad codes and, believe me, I was enjoying the performance. Earnings were from $2-5 daily, and it took me about 3 weeks to earn $73.

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According to them, they pay the previous month’s earnings up to $50 on the 15th of the next month, so I was expecting my $73, which is approximately N28,000 on the 15th of December 2016 to my PayPal account. I even went ahead to make plans for the money. **Sighs

Dec 15th came, and I didn’t get any mail or payment from them. I waited till the 17th before calling them.

After talking to the customer care agent, she gave me assurance that I’d be paid once they were done checking my account, that I should be patient…

Till January, I didn’t get any payment, so I had to call again. I was told my account wasn’t checked yet, but this is something Adsense does within a day!!!


I waited till January ending then called again. This time, when I told her my username, she stopped talking, she just kept quiet on the phone, and you know the cost of calling a USA number right here from Nigeria. Anyway, I still decided to call with a different phone number, and I was told to still wait.

This was like 2 months after the due payment date, and my hard-earned money was still nowhere to be found.

I went over to Google search to look for Adclickmedia payment proof, and I found some bloggers posting screenshots, all praising this crap of an ad network. Like seriously??? Damn!

Anyway, I found a thread on Digital Point Forum, where some bloggers were complaining of not being paid. I was able to find a fellow Nigerian blogger, the owner of, who told me his account was deleted. What a scam!

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If I call their number now, I’m always being redirected to the voice mail, and I had to come to the fact that I am never getting my $73 from them.

I had to write this review and be as transparent as possible because I noticed most bloggers praised them in their posts, may be out of ignorance, or just for getting referrals, but I wish to advise all bloggers not to waste time with them.

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Have you tried Adclickmedia before? How was your experience with them?

Kindly drop your comments below so we can know.

** MAY 2020 UPDATE: So, I stumbled on this post and decided to give an update. Asclickmedia banned my account after I kept asking for my money. The Advise remains the same: STAY AWAY FROM ADCLICKMEDIA. IT IS A SCAM NETWORK. PERIOD!

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