7 Reasons Inspiration Matters to Writers

     What is inspiration itself? It is some unexplainable force that appears from nowhere and disappears sooner than you can realize it, but despite the unexplainable character of this phenomenon, it is exactly what gets us moving towards our goals.

No matter if you are a marketing specialist, model or a businessman – inspiration is something all people need in order to achieve their aims and succeed! And for writers, this feeling is the key to success. In this article, we will tell you why it matters to writers, answer some of the most common questions, and give you a few tips on how to start the “golden age” of your writing career!


Why Does It Matter?

There is a popular theory that convinces us that real writers never wait for a muse to come from nowhere, they just try to focus and force themselves to work, which can’t be called true. It is inspiration that allows us to overcome all troubles, expand our limits and reach the results that have always seemed impossible to us. It lends us wings, gives more self-confidence, and makes impossible possible!

How to inspire people and yourself? The muse can be found anywhere and at any time as there are many things that are inspiring people – books, nature, music, meditation, sports, and pretty much anything else! But the main idea is to look for it! Thus, you shouldn’t stay passive and wait for your muse to come, instead, you should seek a muse in everything you see and do!

Why Finding A Muse Is Important For Writers?

  1. It transforms you into a creative writer from a usual reader. When you read a worthy book of your favorite author and, suddenly, you get a desire to grab a pen and start creating your own story – that is when you feel it coming! Thus, a muse turns reading into creative reading. Thus, find some motivation and inspiration articles created by the authors that inspire you or take a look at the list of motivational books and start creating your own masterpiece!
  2. It strengthens our feelings. For every author it is important to feel the story that he is writing and each its character, and this phenomenon will help you strengthen your feelings!
  3. It helps you continue working. Even if you feel exhausted and tired of everything, if you have no ideas and desire to write something, even in such situations, a muse can help you keep going and reach the desired results!
  4. It helps us understand the humans’ nature. Staying inspired means receiving great ideas all the time. Each person has a story to tell, and these stories can become a great source of this feeling because every person we meet helps us understand the humans’ nature better, which can contribute to making your characters more realistic! 
  5. It strengthens the spiritual connection with your craft. All creative activities are somehow spiritual. As was mentioned earlier, you have to understand your characters and become a part of your own story – create a “spiritual connection” with what you are doing.
  6. It helps you recover. How often do you feel tired after writing another few pages? In fact, writers waste lots of energy on their masterpieces and thus, often lack emotional peace and organization. When it comes to difficulties writers can always browse this site indeed. Being inspired is a great way to become more organized, recover your energy, emotional and psychological resources that you have spent on your story.
  7. It teaches you to cherish every moment. Let yourself find something unique in every second of every day – in sky and sun, your family and friends, each season of the year – everything in our life is full of natural beauty! After you do this, you will learn to cherish every moment of your life. 

Final Words

Being a writer assumes hard work and requires passion. Sometimes it may seem like a vicious circle – you have to be inspired to write, but you have to write to find a muse, and this is something you have to deal with on a daily basis. How to make everything simpler? To boost your creativity and enhance writing skills you should learn to get inspired from the simplest things that surround you. You have to be inspired by the life itself! Then you will be able to find brilliant ideas for your stories from everywhere – music, books, other people, nature, and most importantly – your own internal resources!

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