Is Nairapp a Big Scam Network? – My Experience will tell

Happy New Year guys, this is my first post this year and I haven’t been posting for long, which I’m very sorry about. I’ve been very busy with so many cool stuffs which I’ll post about very soon.

Now, back to the main topic of this post, Ive decided to give a full Detail on my Experience with Nairapp Ad Network. After reading this post, You’ll be able to Decide on your own if they are scam or not.
Just around July last year – 2016, i started looking for Adsense alternatives, I tried almost all Ads network you can think of like, Adquet, Ubercpm etc but i wasn’t getting my Desired result until a friend told me about Nairapp. this was around September.
I Started Nairapp with loads of Expectations when they promised ₦10 per click and ₦10 also per 1000 Impressions. although they’ve changed policy, but who cares anyway.
After placing the code and started Earning, it was really slow but i kept pushing my Traffic along with Good ads placement, I reached ₦3,000 and I had a chat with them on Facebook where they stated that payments occur on the 3rd of Every month but they could pay the current balance that day if i had a Paypal Address which I didn’t have. So I decided to just wait till payment Date.

Nairapp is a scam network
Fast forward to the Next month which was November, I had accumulated up to ₦14,000 and was Planning how I’d invest the money. I waited till Evening and got an Alert of ₦1,500. I thought it was a joke and had to chat with them from their Facebook page. [ see screenshot Below] they promised to pay up the balance stating that they experienced Economic Recession. just imagine!. I decided to be considerate as they also said I’d receive my balance on the 15th Day of the month.

Nairapp is a Scam Network

At about 00:02 on the 15th, i got a bank alert of  ₦3,000. why were they doing this I asked myself. without forgetting i started getting ₦1 per clicks and some times my clicks don’t bring earnings but counts. then again i messaged them on Facebook. [See screenshot Below]

Nairapp is a Big scam Nigeria network
The screenshot above was my Last chat with them, although I received the last payment of 3500 which was on Dec 3rd 2016. I was expecting the remaining balance on the 15th of Dec and the third of this month but none came. They even stopped replying my Facebook messages. So in total, I got ₦8,000 out of ₦14,000, not to talk of the pending ₦2,746 i have with them which I have no hope of getting… lol [see screenshot below].
Is Nairapp a Scam Network
with the Rest going away into thin air as they Didn’t rollover the unpaid earnings to the Next month which was December.
A lot of Bloggers have also laid complaints to me about Nairapp while some complained that their account was Banned,others weren’t even paid a Dime.
Hey bloggers, thanks for Reading. kindly Suggest a Good Ads network and Drop your Review about Nairapp as comment below.

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