Review: How To Get Sponsored Posts and Monetize your Blog review: how I make money on my blog from advertisers and sponsors, and how you can, too. is relatively new, agreed. But you know what’s best? Joining a third-party ads provider like Flyout early, to beat down the competition and get your earnings up ASAP. Trust me; there are millions of blogs on the internet.

How to monetize a blog with all the delays (such as Google AdSense approval) and struggles (getting TRAFFIC!) that come with it is one of the reasons bloggers’ passion wears out in the long run.


Doing what you love—putting out helpful and informative content on content out there is cool, great even, but there’s a popular saying that passion doesn’t pay the bills! 

Earning from monetizing your blog even boosts the willingness to pick up the laptop and undergo endless hours of research to curate content your audience would love.

Traditionally, like when I started, we were advised to get our blog up and running and amass a reasonable amount of traffic and following, then reach out to big brands with our analytics, pleading, if you may, for sponsored posts. 

What happens next? Complete crickets, and if you’re lucky, they’d humbly reject your offer. *Sad face*

I had my fair share of the disappointment, and I even had a company tell me to place their banner on my site for a week to monitor my traffic. They got some clicks and free traffic before deciding that I wasn’t a great fit for them. *Ouch!*

You see, the blogging hustle is real.

In 2017, I stopped blogging actively, as I was into some other stuff (a story for another day). 

However, I was still getting emails from potential advertisers asking for my rate and advert terms – I’m pretty sure almost every blogger has received a similar email before – and while some never reply after I give my response, I was still sealing a couple of deals and securing bags.

Till today, people still ask me how I managed to get big companies like to sponsor posts on here, and not just one, but as many as six.

Also, people still tell me how much they hope to support their Google AdSense earnings with some sponsored posts (Who doesn’t want some side earnings?), and how they can go about it.

Not to bore you with my story, let’s get right into it.

In this Flyout review, we’ll talk about a company that gets you sponsors that agree to your terms and price, and you can then copy and paste their content on your blog and get paid!


Flyout is different. It’s unique, and earning has never been this easier—what a time to be a blogger!

Flyout works in three simple ways: 

  1. List your blog
  2. Choose your blog category and set your price
  3. Watch out for offers and start earning.

Let’s explain each step precisely.

List Your Blog

Sign Up Now, and you will be required to input your website for eligibility. complete reviews

Not to worry, just type in your URL and click on ‘Check Eligibility.’

sign up flyout 2020 review

Note: Include https:// — for example,

Verify Ownership of your blog

Here, you simply need to copy a simple HTML Meta tag and paste in the <head> section of your blog. If you use WordPress, install the header and footer plugin. If you use the Blogger platform, navigate to Template >> Edit HTML and place the code just above <head>.

flyout review verify ownership

Once that’s done, proceed to the next step.

Choose Your Price and Category

Here, you can choose categories that relate to your blog and how much you wish to charge per post. I set mine at $100, but you can put whatever value you wish.

Once you fill in the details and click on Submit website, you’re all set. A new page will display, showing your website and its properties, which will show “Pending.” Not to worry, approval will come within 24 hours.

flyout review: set price Review: Conclusion

In no time after getting approval, offers will start flowing in. In your dashboard, navigate to Offers and see the available ones. 

You can decide to accept or reject an offer if it goes against your terms or if you feel the content isn’t appropriate. The choice is all yours. 

There’s a time frame for every offer, after which the request gets canceled, and you won’t get that offer again. 

What can you do? Always check your email inbox, and possibly your spam folder every day so you won’t end up losing money.

Good luck!

Do well to share this post with all your blogger friends and on social media. I’m pretty sure everyone would love Flyout. 

Do you have any questions? Use the comment box below.


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