Adele’s Weight Loss: Photos, Diet, and 3 Tips from Her Personal Trainer

Adele after the weight loss

Adele’s Weight Loss Photo

The internet literally broke when Adele posted her weight loss picture, and it hasn’t pretty much recovered yet.

Everyone knew Adele from Someone Like You, while latecomers started to stan from Hello, which broke records.

The point is Adele has always had weight, and we pretty much got familiar with that and loved her.

Fast forward to 2020, Adele has gone to lose reportedly 98 pounds of weight over the years!

The star had the right timing to display the results of her hard work when she posted her first picture of 2020 on her 32nd birthday on Instagram, looking all different.

A before and after photo of the pop star will explain better.

Adele Weight Loss: Before and After Photo

Adele weight loss before and after

Adele Weight Loss: Before and After

How did Adele lose weight?

Three things come into play for Adele to lose weight:

  1. Diet Plan
  2. Gym/Work out
  3. Choosing Happiness/Health

▪ Adele’s Diet Plan: The singer cites the Sirtfood Diet plan as what helped her through the transformation. It is simply a diet plan that involves cutting off from toxic and processed food and drinks, and working with a personal trainer gave her that push. While in an interview with Vogue, Adele stated that she started going the weight-loss route while trying to lose weight for a tour.

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▪ Adele’s Gym/Work Out: Adele got the services of experienced personal fitness instructors Camila Goodis and Pete Geracimo and probably others along the way. Consistency and determination were the watchwords here. She once shared the below picture while working it out:

Adele working out

Adele in the gym working out

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▪ Choosing Happiness: The decision to get your body back starts from wanting happiness! Do you avoid looking in the mirror? Don’t like people staring at you while out on the street with that inner voice telling you it’s ‘cus of your weight? Making the final decision to lose weight and get your desired body is after wanting happiness. It’s safe to say Adele looked for that happiness and good health and knew the weight had to go to actualize them.

Adele’s diet plan – Weight Loss Recipe from Personal Trainer Pete Geracimo

Pete Gerecimo who saw Adele through the weight loss journey felt generous to share these three tips below to achieve similar results

  1. A well-balanced, inclusive food plan.
  2. Exercising regularly, getting your heart rate up, and going outside your comfort zone.
  3. Getting proper restful sleep to allow your body and mind to repair and recover.



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