How to Check Shared Data on GLO and Unshare any Number

How to Check Shared Data on GLO and Unshare any Number

If you are looking for how to check who is sharing your GLO data, especially if you are suspecting that someone is sharing your data, in here, we have the two simple steps for you.

Sometimes we realize that actually sharing data with someone isn’t such a great idea if they are heavy internet users.

Funny enough, some sneaky peeps might have just picked up your phone and added themselves to your shared list without your consent.

Here’s how to see the people who are using your Glo subscription with you and decide whether to remove them or not.

How to view GLO data shared numbers

You can do this in two ways; by USSD or via text message.

Via USSD: Simply dial *127*00# and the list will be shown in this message format — “NOTE: The following numbers are sharing your plan subscription: 234XXXXXXXX”

Via Text: Sms the word LIST to 127 and you will see the numbers.


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How to Unshare data on GLO

Now that you’ve seen the people sharing your Glo data subscription, if you want to remove any of them, then follow the step below:

Via USSD: Dial *127*02*phone number#. For example, if you want to remove 08153387269, then dial *127*02*08153387269#.

Via Text Message: Alternatively, you can send Remove Phone number to 127. For example, Remove 08153387269 to 127.

That way, the number will cease to partake in your subscription. If you wish to add any number to your data plan, dial *777# and follow the prompt commands.

NOTE: You probably need to have an active data subscription to see the numbers who are sharing your data.

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