Fiverr Learn Review: How Your DIGITAL SKILLS Can Save You

Fiverr Learn Review: How DIGITAL SKILLS Can Save You

Fiverr Learn Review: Skills

Year 2020 came with surprises of its own (who could have thought?), and with the pandemic + lockdown, certain businesses are even yet to resume operation.

Most people (especially in Nigeria) have been relying solely on their savings, but for how long will this pandemic keep us indoors? And just how much money do they have stocked up somewhere for sustenance?

How much is enough to fend for a family of three, four, etc.?

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Do you know the mind-blowing number of people who are still making millions during this same lock-down, all the while indoors?

Now, I don’t know if it’s just me, but there are a lot of congratulatory messages on my Facebook wall with a lot of new cars and whatnot.

See, lockdown or not, a lot of people are making money, and you can join the train or be left behind.


Freelancing (Fiverr Learn Review)

Also, as more people are home and out of work, they have more time on their hands to browse the internet, go shopping online (awaiting whenever), trying to keep in touch with family and friends (through social media, such as zoom).

As such, there are enough people online with high demands.

Entrepreneurs are even going on to create their companies, brands, businesses, and startups such as these require essentials like a Logo, Business Plan, Website, Advertising, Social Media Management, to name but a few!

AND… BOOM! That’s where we (Freelancers) come into the picture.

==> Freelancing, in a nutshell, is SELLING your SKILLS for MONEY.

In the context of this post, we will be focusing on digital freelancing.

In reality, a freelance logo designer would design a logo for a company and get paid. And Big brands pay hugely for logos and other brandings.

Similarly, a website designer will get paid to create a website for a client in dollars or any currency of choice. It’s that simple.

You get the point now…

If you have a digital skill, there’s always work for you and money to be made.

What if I currently have no skill?

Well, a lot of people wanting to make a living online sadly do not have a skill or a high-paying one.

But the great part is you can always gain new knowledge…

I want to introduce you to Fiverr Learn.

Fiverr Learn is where to be to gain high-demand skills that are taught by professionals and expert tutors, all online and from the comfort of home.

What do I Need to Learn a Digital Skill?

  • You need to be determined.
  • You need an internet connection for the training.
  • A PC, preferably a laptop
  • Necessary tools for a particular skill. For example, an animator would need Adobe After Effects software
  • Consistency
  • A little bit of budget

Available 2020 Digital Skills on Fiverr Learn

Fiverr learn courses review

Fiverr learn is an expanding learning hub, and below are a few skills you can learn:

  • Logo designing
  • Voice over
  • Social media management
  • WordPress development
  • Become an SEO Specialist
  • Paid advertising: Social and Search
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce copywriting
  • Facebook Ads

The list goes on and on…

FUN PART: Courses start from as low as $20 to enroll, and it’s lifetime access.

Why I recommend Fiverr Learn

Having been a freelancer on Fiverr myself since 2017, I’ve grown familiar with the family and the tremendous qualified minds behind the brand. The tutors on Fiverr Learn are qualified, highly skilled, and you can easily go on to start selling your skills on Fiverr right after learning. Cool, right?

>> Check out Fiverr Learn Now. Get that skill now and Change Your Financial Life Today


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