ETISALAT Latest Data Plans with subscription codes

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 Validity Period is 30 Days and Data Rollover is Enabled for all plans, meaning that if you Do Not Exhaust the Data amount for the Month, It would be added to the subscription of Next month. For instance, if you subscribed for 1.5GB and used only 500mb,the remaining 1GB would be added to the 1.5GB of the Next month making it a total of 2.5GB…
DATA PLAN              PRICE (N)                  CODE
1.5GB                        1,000                    *229*2*7#
3.5GB                         2,000                   *229*2*8#
5GB                            6,500                   *229*2*3#
8GB                            8,000                   *229*2*5#
10GB                         10,000                 *229*4*1#
15GB                        15,000                  *229*4*2#
20GB                         18,000                  *229*4*3#

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