How to Make cool cash online this 2019

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How to Make cool cash online this 2016


Let me guess, You have been hearing about People making money online,you had one or two tries and didn’t work out the way you thought,then you Lost interest and considered it as Impossible or a Scam..

But what if  I tell you that its very much possible and people are getting cool cash everyday would you believe? 


money making ways

1.Offer Services: The most Easiest way to make money is to Offer services online…The services could be of any type,like your business,Bulk SMS,Web Designing and the rest

2.Do you own a website or a Blog? You can make profit from your website easily by placing sponsored adverts for publishers who pay you e.g is Chikita,Click Bank and the rest.
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3.Become an Affiliate: Affiliates are middle men between a seller and buyer or between a company and costomers..There are so many Affiliate programs in Nigeria which people use to make cool cash examples are Konga Affiliate program,Jumia,Dealdey,JiJi and the rest
Interested in Affiliate programs? Read my guide Here

4. Advertise for companies: If your website has started getting popular,you can stretch your Advertising to Target Big companies in Nigeria…Below is a screenshot on how to do it

make money online 

Let me stop for Now and get a drink…

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