How to see the people sharing your GLO data plan with you

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See who is sharing my data

How to unshare data on glo

A lot of people are confused on how to unshare data on glo and view their glo data shared numbers. If that’s you, then this post will put you through.

Sharing of Data plan with family and friends can be nice until someone takes your phone and adds himself without your consent. We have to admit that checking our data balance later can make you start thinking if those sharing your data with you are drinking it. Lol. I vividly recall the time Glo Network totally vanished so I had to switch to Mtn, only for me to switch back to Glo after some days to notice some gigabytes had gone. It was the people sharing my data with me.

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Now, we already know the steps for adding a Glo number to our shared list by dialing *777# and following the prompt commands. But there isn’t any option to check your shared list other than just sharing and unsharing. Now, I’ll disclose a simple USSD code to view the numbers currently sharing your data plan with you.


    • Simply click on Editor and it would be displayed to you. If it doesn’t, use the step below

Also, Simply dial *127*00# from your Glo line and the list would be displayed to you.

I hope this helps someone.

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