Important Documents for Futo Freshers Registration (With Photos)

Hello Dear Futoite freshers, I know uve all heard about the Registration Process in Futo and the stress,and you are really confused about the whole situation.Let me make it clear,YES Futo Registration is stressful,but what did you expect? With thousands of New students Admitted yearly and everyone wanting to do his/her clearance on time,Be sure to meet long queues and other crowdy situations even when you want to withdraw cash from the ATM!!!
In this post,I’ll write about the Documents you need for your Registration with their be sure to get them before moving down to school so as to finish your Registration on Time….Enjoy!


ORIGINAL JAMB RESULT SLIP: Original Jamb result is Different from your Jamb result Print out…This particular Document shows your passport photograph used for Registering the Jamb exam.Go print yours if you haven’t on and you also need a Jamb scratchcard before you can print it out.
JAMB ADMISSION LETTER: Your Jamb Admission Letter is even one of the Documents you MUST Submit when you go to submit your required credentials at the senate building..This is the photo below.
jamb admission letter 

ORIGINAL O’ LEVEL RESULT/TESTIMONIAL: Your O’level Result is very much Important.But If yours is not ready maybe because you Just finished secondary school,You can bring Along your Testimonial duly signed by The Principal of Your secondary school…
This is a tip:They also accepted Waec Result Online Print out Last year,So be sure to bring yours along.

FUTO ADMISSION LETTER: This is a proof that you have truly gotten Admission from Futo!
futo admission letter 
FORM 6: This is one of The most Important Document and people have been saying they do not know about it or what it looks like.Well this is the photo of mine below.The Form 6 is the document needed for your Departmental clearance,It would be signed when you have been fully cleared,by paying your departmental fee and providing the required documents
futo form 6
You can see that mine above has been signed and Approved by my H.O.D.If its not signed,Your name won’t be sent to the I.C.T Center for Activation of your username and password which will be used to log in to the student portal…I’ll write a post about this soon.
FUTO POST UTME RESULT SLIP: This is also very Important see what it looks like below.
CONFIRMATION OF ADMISSION: This is the Document given to you at the Futo Senate building,Admission Office After you’ve submitted all Required documents.
LETTER OF ATTESTATION: This is a Document which is Very Important Especially when doing Departmental Clearance,This almost gave me a problem because I didn’t have mine,After coming all the Way from Lagos.
The Attestation Letter is Just a LETTER Which Attests That you Are a good person in All Aspects and won’t Involve yourself in Any law-breaking activities in the school.You can get yours from your church,school,mentor e.t.c.
Sorry I can’t post mine,I left it with my H.O.D.
L.G.A LETTER OF IDENTIFICATION: This is a Document that shows you come from you locality you claim

 Below are photos of The step by step Registration used for us last Year,I guess its the same procedure yearly.

I hope this post was helpful.
Feel free to ask any question through the comment box.
Also, other exclusive Futo tips which you can find no where else,unless stolen from here,are going to be posted constantly,Ranging from Assignment answers,Tutorials,Tips and more solution to other problems.
so do check in here Daily.
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