Is your adsense ad not always showing on opera mini browser?

Adsense and opera mini
So Finally, I got an approved adsense account and started showing ads on my blog’s desktop view by using the HTML/Javascript gadget in the layout, then I made it show on my mobile view. It was showing okay when I viewed my mobile view which is www.yourdomain/?m=1 using my mozilla Firefox browser and I saw the adsense ad exactly where I kept them.

 Then after few days, I decided to check my blog using the Opera mini browser, then I found a blank space instead of my ad, then I reloaded the page, thinking it didn’t load well, I then saw the ad, I decided to reload it again this time I saw a blank space again, then I realized that adsense responsive ad units are not stable on opera mini browsers.
Then I did a little research and found out the solution. This was what I did below


  1.  I logged in to my Adsense dashboard via
  2. Then I created a ‘new ad unit’, I made sure I didn’t select the responsive ad type.
  3. I got the synchronous code type of the new ad unit.
  4. I then went back to my blogger dashboard layout and replaced the former responsive ad code with this new synchronous ad code.
Ever since then, my adsense ads show on all opera mini browsers. 
Hope this tip works for you. 
Try it and let’s know through the comment box below.

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