Sad: GLO has Increased subscription Price on most Data plans

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what is Glo new price for data plans

  Our dear GLO which has always been giving us a slight value for our money via Data plans have just decided to break our hearts. Today, they made an update and slashed all data plans by half but retaining the same price. The Data plan that ₦2,500 used to give which was formerly 10GB has been reduced to 5GB. Even after their Network service has worsened, they still decided to do this!

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Below are the former Glo data plans and the prices

N1000 = 3.2GB
N2000 = 7.5GB
N2500 = 10GB
N3000 = 12GB

But from today, we’ll be seeing the prices below

N1000 = 1.6GB
N2000 = 3.75GB
N2500 = 5GB
N3000 = 6GB

All these above are monthly subscription which would be valid for 30 days. The data code still remains *777#

With this new development, their prices are similar to MTN data plans. Will you still stick with them?

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