SEO Guide for Bloggers and Webmasters by Google Adsense

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 Have you Heard about SEO? I’m sure you have.

SEO stands for Search Engine optimization which is simply the method, things to do to make your site rank well and more visible on Search Engines (Google, Yahoo e.t.c) when keywords related to your site or posts are being searched.

SEO is very Broad and constantly Updated, even experts need constant Research to remain good at optimization.

When I was browsing the Net, I stumbled Upon a  file Document on SEO formulated by Google  Adsense which covers the essential tips for all bloggers and webmasters for a better SEO experience which in turn increases Adsense earnings. I quickly downloaded the file, read it and gained few information which Ive started applying on this Blog.

I uploaded the File to Dropbox and you can Download Your copy Below

File Name: Search Engine optimization starters Guide
File source: Google Adsense
File size: 4.15MB
File Type: Pdf format

Have any questions? Use the comment box below. 

Thanks for Reading.

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