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Vamos Bet – How to Register, Deposit, and Contact

Vamos Bet is one of the oldest and popular Ethiopian betting platforms that allows users to place bets online through phones or desktops or by visiting the over 500 outlets in the country. It’s a strong competitor to Hulusport Ethiopia, which is another giant in its rights. 

Vamos Bet allows placing bets on various sports, from football, basketball, tennis, hockey, table tennis, and more than a dozen more. Operating and licensed in Ethiopia, the website is arguably in the top 10 visited websites in the country. With features such as jackpots and pre-match betting, the incentives and bonuses on Vamos bets are never-ending.

How to Register on Vamos Bet (Sign Up Process)

vamos bet register

It should be noted that Vamos bet doesn’t require new users to pay any money to register an account. Registration is free, so registrants should be aware. With that being said, what then is the process of joining Vamos bet? 

  1. Visit the website on a browser (
  2. Look towards the top right corner of the home page and click on the “Register” button colored in Blue.
  3. A Vamos bet registration form will pop up, which users need to fill in order to proceed. It requires a phone number, date of birth, and password (you need to be at least 21 years old). There is also a box for a Promo code, but it’s optional. Users can register without it.
  4. One last thing: Click on the reCAPTCHA button to confirm that you are indeed a human being signing up and not some software bot.
  5. When done, click on CONFIRM.

How to Login to your account

login vamos bet

Visit the website and find the login button right next to the Register button. Click on it, and then enter your phone number, username, or ID and your password.

Any Promo Code Available?

Usually, one would love to use a referral code in order to claim any bonuses and discounts. We do not have a code at the moment, but after digging through the web, we found one: A7.

Let us know in the comments if that worked for you!

Vamos Bet Promotions

Just similar to the BetPawa Ug 100% welcome bonus, Vamos bet also has something for new users on their first deposit. You get a 20% top-up on your amount of at least 100 ETB or more. Cool, right?

Vamos Bet Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

After signing up, the next step is usually to fund the wallet. Vamos Bet has made it a seamless and easy process for payments and its customers’ choice on which deposit method to use.

Bank transfers, Credit cards, e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller are available. It doesn’t stop there, though. Payment processors like HelloCash, EcoPayz, Paysafecard are all integrated on the platform. Each method has its own minimum deposit amount, so be sure to confirm, to avoid failed payments. However, while some might be higher depending on which you select, the minimum deposit on Vamos bet is 10 Birr, and there’s no maximum amount.

Some major payment processors like Paypal and Giropay are sadly not available yet. Expect your bank transfers to land in your wallet balance within 48 hours. Credit cards are slower, though, so be patient enough for five business days before contacting Vamos bet.

How to Deposit Money on Vamos Bet Using Hellocash

Follow the steps to fund your wallet.

  1. Using the phone number you entered while signing up, dial *803#
  2. Select 11 for Hellocash
  3. Then, 1 to send money
  4. Enter Vamos bet’s Hellocash number: 0937757575
  5. Enter your desired deposit amount
  6. Lastly, input your Hellocash pin
  7. Your Vamos Bet wallet will be credited within minutes.

Vamos Bet Sports

There’s nearly every sport you would want to place a bet on available on Vamos bet. Snooker, cricket, rugby, baseball, handball, ice hockey, you name it. You can make several bets on one event just by navigating to the events list on the left side of the website. Football, however, still receives the most attention, as expected. But lovers of not-so-popular sports can place their stakes and make money on this platform. 

To get started finding the scheduled events, just find the sport on the drop-down list and level down, from major leagues to others.

Vamos Bets Super Cash Out

Cash out happens when a customer cancels a ticket before the end of the games but has some wins already, and it’s mainly caused by fear or thought of the unplayed games going south. Vamos will issue you a cash out (money), which is after deductions of the unplayed games’ odd, provided that these conditions are met:

  • The tickets must have up to 4 games
  • Live bets can’t be cashed out
  • No games must be running the moment the cash out is requested
  • For canceled or postponed games, cash out will be activated after 24 hours
  • The ticket must have no games that have been lost.

Vamos Bet Jackpot

Most punters would have noticed a trend on their favorite brokers – Jackpot. Just like the Pawa6 jackpot, the Vamot bet jackpot rewards the best predictions. Predict 12 games and win 1,101,303 EBT, but you need 20 Birr to join this contest. Read more about it on the website.

Vamos Bet Mobile App

At the time of the publishing of this article, Vamos bet doesn’t have an official mobile app. An app would no doubt create a better experience for users in terms of navigating the site and managing accounts, but there isn’t even an announcement from the team about developing one for android and iOS users anytime soon. On that note, if you see any app trying to impersonate the official app, it’s best to stay clear from it.

Vamos Bets Contacts

To reach out to Vamos bet with your questions, claims, and complaints, send an email to

Vamos Bet Review Conclusion

The ability and convenience of being in the comfort of a home and placing bets and making money aren’t talked about enough. Most bookers do not have enough events, which isn’t favorable for most people. Vamos Bet is different.

There are many compelling reasons why users keep flooding the site, and even if there are some lacking factors, such as no contact widget on the website and not enough content to guide new users, the site still does what it says it does. It lets you Bet More, Win More.

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