Wow: see the New Features Coming to Skype

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 Popular calling app , Microsoft owned Skype has Announced some New features that’ll be Introduced with the New Updated version in few weeks to come. See them below

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  • Firstly, the Call phones tab will become just Calls, and will give users access to all types of calls, including free Skype-to-Skype audio or video calls, as well as calls to mobile or landline numbers that require you to use Skype Credit. [this would be Available to Android users before iOS]
  • Secondly, if a group call is going on and the one who started/created it hangs up, the call will carry on, instead of being stopped (as is the case currently).

 This means that the discussion won’t be interrupted if someone has to greet an unexpected visitor at the door, or even if dinner is ready

the company said In a Blog post
  • Finally, it’ll now be possible for users to leave a video or a text message in place of the traditional voice messages if the callee isn’t available.

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Honestly, I’m not a Big fan of Skype but I guess these Features would be nice to try.

Source : GSMarena
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