The Roles of Technology in Enhancing Marketing

The Roles of Technology in Enhancing Marketing Strategies

The Roles of Technology in Enhancing Marketing

Technology is the systematic application of expertise practical and scientific knowledge for specific purposes, to meet the requirements of its user-base especially in the ever-growing and evolving industry development. The technology sector is comprised of businesses that market products and services in materials, equipment, electronics, software, computers, artificial intelligence, and others to its clientele related to information technology (IT).

These businesses invest in research and development to meet up with the market needs and quality assurance, to take up projects with greater future potentials and the technology sector is often one of the most lucrative and attractive growth investments in an economy.

In recent years, the technology sector has grown to be an essential foundation in which any business entity that desires to strive, must identify massively with the ideologies and values of the tech ecosystem! Be it the health-tech, media-tech, financial-tech sector, and the likes, they are all important in advancing a business’s potentialities.

Taking the financial-tech sector for example, as technology changes business-to-consumer transactions, new opportunities for both are emerging especially in e-commerce. Consumers now have unrestricted access to a range of products and services that help them to shop easily with a responsive device, gauge prices, find alternatives, locate stores and receive coupons easily even at the comfort of their homes.

Such B2C transactions can be found with a well-established and renowned eCommerce service provider platform like Kameymall that is involved in the production, sales, and distribution of goods and products all over the world.

Businesses like Kameymall experiences enormous benefits as well, as technology helps them make stronger connections with consumers and build their brands faster. Altogether, technology is revolutionizing how business-to-consumer transactions occur in the fintech sector.

Redefining the Consumer and Manufacturers Marketing Strategies and Experiences

Business are realizing that automated boring services are no longer the best deal for optimal customer satisfaction as most of them comes with a lot of lags and bugs. To better serve customers, this business now looks for ways to satisfy the needs of customers by adapting to the new customer service standards set by technological improvements. This means servicing customers on the various channels they have access to. Brand websites, email, Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram are all being used by customers to connect with brands. Also, have in mind that most of this information is communicated through the use of mobile devices.

Taking Kameymall into consideration, if a customer decides to go for a product that offers the best safety in gymnastics or outdoor recreational activities and to practice jumps, flips, somersaults, forward and backward rolls, front and back handsprings, bridges, handstands, and other demanding moves, they might decide to go for an Air track mat and would be met with a great customer service representative who guides them through their process of purchasing and would have instant responses in cases of complaints

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It’s important to note that consumers like the convenience of faster delivery and lower prices. Convenience has been the number one driving force behind any business success, and a recurring discount and slash in percentage prices usually go a long way in easing the demands of the customers.

Talking about convenience, whenever a consumer decides to patronize a business, he looks for the best and most comfortable way to carry out that task, because truth be told everyone needs to have a return in value for their money. From researches conducted, it has been verified that a greater amount of users on the web prefers using mobile devices, due to their ease of use, portability, and flexibility.

How Mobile Technology is Advancing and Reconditioning the Ecommerce Industry

In more ways, mobile technologies have added a lot of positive impact on the industry and we’ve observed a massive surge in sales and growth potentials. Here are some aspects we’ll look into.

  1. Mobile Payments

With the evolution of mobile technology, secure payment online systems have been developed, exclusively meant for mobile phones, which has made the ease of purchase extremely comfortable and compatible. There are numerous payment options from which users can easily select from such as credit or debit card payments, net banking, mobile wallets, etc… Which specifically targets mobile users and enables them to complete a payment in a couple of steps and have some layers of protection such as 2FA and OTP. These are secure payment processors that ensure end-to-end encryption, preventing any chances of fraudulent activities.

  1. Customer Engagement

With advanced mobile technology services, you get an opportunity to target a custom audience, showcasing customized content. Based on the preferences of the buyers, and their browsing history, you can deliver custom content and notifications. Also, you can deliver user-friendly and interest-based ads and send out newsletters when mobile users are online and there’ll be a high probability that a user will check it out.

  1. Social Media Integration

Without much emphasis, we know the impact social media has gained and mobile technology has played a great part in this aspect as well, causing more engagement, awareness, and distribution of knowledge.

In conclusion, technology is revolutionizing as always would remain the key to the future and adaptation is necessary to keep up with the moving train.


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