turkesterone supplement

Turkesterone Supplement Review and #1 Best Alternative

turkesterone supplement

There is no denying that the Turkesterone supplement is getting popular for people looking to boost their testosterone levels. There are many reviews out there on the subject, but how can you tell which one is best or if there are better alternatives?

Turkesterone is a supplement that has been formulated to boost testosterone levels naturally. It is the perfect solution for those who are looking to improve their virility and sexual performance. This supplement review will explore how Turkesterone works, its benefits, side effects, alternatives, and more!

What is Turkesterone Made From?

Turkesterone is an extract from Maral Root, a natural plant harvested in many countries worldwide, from Bulgaria, Siberia, Asia, and Kazakhstan. The plant is considered an adaptogen, an herb of the plant that positively affects the human mind, including mitigating anxiety and fatigue.

Turkesterone, in its highly concentrated form, is an ecdysterone. An ecdysterone is a naturally occurring element in all plant and animal life and a subgroup of steroids. Many people believe that Turkesterone supplements truly help the body return to a naturally balanced state, thus enhancing the immune system.

What Does Turkesterone Supplement Do? (Benefits)

  • Increases muscle ATP content
  • Enhances muscle growth and repair by increasing muscle protein synthesis
  • Increases muscular energy and endurance during exercise
  • Alleviates anxiety and mental burnout
  • Promotes muscle gain retention.

Turkesterone Side Effects

Besides the muscle-building effects of Turkesterone, it also causes various beneficial side effects. Turkesterone can help optimize hormonal levels and strengthen your immune system, essential for any active individual. Ecdysteroids are also promoted as being healthy for the intestines and liver and regulate blood glucose and lower cholesterol.

Research suggests that Turkesterone also has protective effects on brain health by enhancing neurotransmitter activity. However, it is crucial not to take Turkesterone, likewise capsulated supplements, on an empty stomach as it can cause nausea.


To get the full benefits from Turkesterone, it is common for users to use it for 3 months. The appropriate dosage is 500mg per day – one capsule.

Where to buy Turkesterone

Turkesterone is a comparatively new supplement that hasn’t quite earned mainstream recognition and is just now earning recognition in the western world. It is, therefore, almost impossible to buy it online as it most times doesn’t get restocked – it is currently out of stock on Gorilla Mind – another need to get an alternative.

Turkesterone Supplement Alternative – Dbal Review

D-Bal is one of the popular supplements available in the market nowadays, and it has been reported to provide some perks. It contains natural ingredients which are potent boosters for natural testosterone levels. D-Bal provides energy, which is essential for many people who might not be able to work out due to a low level of testosterone. It also helps to boost the libido of men. 

*** It contains ecdysterone, which is the main ingredient in Turkesterone, thereby making it the best alternative. ***

The downside of this supplement is that it can cause insomnia and headaches, among others, but these effects vary with each person. The usual dosage for D-Bal is one tablet taken three times daily. Any overdosage should be avoided because it could lead to adverse side effects such as liver toxicity or hair loss.

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Why D-Bal is #1 Turkesterone Supplement Alternative

D-Bal would always be a better alternative to Turkesterone for many reasons, one being that D-Bal is a product of Crazybulk. This brand has made its name in the bodybuilding industry over the years.

  • Contains ecdysterone
  • It is a legal, safe, natural steroid supplement
  • Has no reported side effects 
  • No doctor’s prescription required
  • Easy to order and is shipped to your doorstep
  • Affordable pricing with a money-back guarantee
  • Provides permanent results (the muscles stay the same even upon discontinuation)
  • Infused with powerful natural steroids in its formula
  • All the ingredients have been scientifically tested
  • Manufactured in FDA and GMP-certified facilities.
dbal results
crazybulk customer results


  1. It does not produce maximum results without regular exercise and an adequate diet.
  2. D-Bal can be purchased only online from the Official Website.

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