Alien Tape Reviews Consumer Reports

Alien Tape Reviews Consumer Reports 2023 (Pros and Cons)

Alien Tape Reviews Consumer Reports

Alien Tape is a clear, double-sided, reusable tape that works on various surfaces, including glass, wood, brick, stone, and tile. It is claimed that this tape can be used repeatedly as long as it is rinsed in between applications and that it can be removed from a surface without leaving any sticky residue. It’s intended for use outdoors as well as indoors, even in locations that might be exposed to rain.

Since it was seen on TV, there are lots of questions about this special type of tape that people believe is the newest tech in locking things together. In this Alien tape review, find firsthand answers to every question.

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Alien Tape Reviews Consumer Reports

Alien Advanced nano-grip technology, which is how the tape functions, allows it to adhere to almost any surface without adhesive. Every square millimeter of each piece of tape you use will almost immediately attach to the surface you apply it to, much like a suction cup would. It will maintain its connection to that surface for as long as you want it to, but if you want to release the suction, you can do so by gently pulling on it. Alternately, if two objects are fastened together using alien tape, gently twisting one of the objects will also sever the connection.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Place Tape: You must choose the surfaces you want to connect together before applying the tape. These could be two free-floating objects by themselves or two free-floating objects and a stationary surface (such as a wall or floor). Simply stick a piece of tape to one of your chosen two surfaces to get started. You can either measure your desired surface while the tape is still on the roll or cut a portion from the roll before applying it.
  2. Form Bonds: Attach the second object of your choice to the other side of the tape to form a bond, keeping your piece of tape attached to the surface you’ve applied it to. After a brief period of pressure to strengthen the connection between the two surfaces, release your fingers. The link between the two surfaces ought to hold up after you release the pressure.
  3. Use bonded surfaces as usual: If you used Alien Tape properly, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the two surfaces you bonded together without worrying about destroying them. Especially if the surfaces you’re working with are vast, you might need to add one or more pieces of tape if the bond seems too weak in order to strengthen it.

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  • Alien Tape is clear and translucent, so it won’t be very obvious to anyone looking at the surfaces or things you put it on.
  • A trio of rolls: This clear tape comes in a set of three identical rolls. Keep two rolls at home, throw one in your glove box, and if you think you’ll need one there, bring one to work as well. You should have enough tape from the three rolls—21 feet total—to firmly connect hundreds of different surfaces.
  • Durable Alien Tape is strong enough to hold up to 17.5 pounds of weight strain without tearing or failing to perform in any other way. Additionally, by cooperating, several pieces of this tape should be able to hold loads much greater than 17.5 pounds.
  • Weather and water-resistant: It is waterproof and weatherproof to use this tape. That means you may use some in almost any outdoor place you can think of, as well as in any inside space that might be exposed to water, like your bathroom or kitchen. In addition to rain, the tape is made to withstand heat and humidity in the summer as well as snow in the winter.
  • Reusable: A piece of Alien Tape can be used more than once, and it should continue to function just as well the seventh time as it did the first. However, you must remember to wash a piece thoroughly in the sink and let it air dry before using it once more.
  • Slim: Since each piece of this tape is rather thin (approximately an inch wide), you won’t need to reduce its thickness if you need to fit some into a small spot. On the other side, since book tape and duct tape are typically twice as broad, they can require more frequent trimming. You can always use numerous pieces of Alien Tape if the need to secure a bigger surface ever arises.

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Pros and Cons

Alien tape reviews consumer reports won’t be complete without pros and cons.

  • Alien Tape can assist you if you have a youngster seated at the table in a high chair or a regular chair and you want their food to stay put in front of them. To prevent them from spilling or knocking their dish or plate to the floor as they eat, you may actually glue it to the table using this double-sided tape. In a similar vein, if your children are rough with their toys and have a tendency to break them, this kind of tape can be used to fix them swiftly and discreetly.
  • Hang Things Without Holes: In your home, you might want to hang different photos, hooks, and racks, but you might also want to avoid drilling holes to do it. If so, it will be a relief to know that Alien Tape may be used to hang practically anything from a wall, a door, or a cabinet. The tape won’t lose its suctioning ability when it gets wet, so you won’t have to worry about it being exposed to water. Additionally, it won’t leave any residue or an unpleasant hole if you decide to take something down that you’ve hung with it.
  • Places Furniture Into Position: If you want to prevent your furniture from sliding about your living room, workplace, or kitchen, this tape may also be useful. The Alien Tape’s double-sided suctioning will prevent it from slipping if you apply only a square inch or so of this tape to the underside of each chair leg. The same holds true if you use thin strips of this tape to secure a desk’s bottom so that it won’t move away from you while you work.
  • Save cash: When you finish a roll of tape, you’ll either need to buy another one or do without because the majority of tape kinds are not reusable. However, because Alien Tape is reusable, you can relocate it as needed from one location to another. Instead than buying a new roll of tape to fulfill your most recent demands, you’ll be able to move it to a different area if you no longer need it in the original one.


  • Only available on Amazon
  • No great alternative

Where to Buy Alien Tape

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Does Alien Tape really work?

It really works well, judging by the thousands of thousands of customers around the world.

Does Alien Tape take off paint?

If your paint is loosely attached to the wall or peeling off already, Alien tape is powerful enough to take off the point when being removed.

Is Alien Tape good for outside?

Absolutely, Alien tape reviews consumer reports that it’s suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

How much weight can Alien Tape hold?

Exactly 17.5 pounds of weight.

How does Alien Tape come off?

If two objects are fastened together using alien tape, gently twist one of them to make it come off the other.

Conclusion on the Alien Tape Reviews Consumer Reports 2023

Rated 4.65 out of 5.0 by customer reviews on BBB, Trustpilot, and other independent platforms, it’s clear why people are going crazy about Alien tape. It is available on Amazon and other retail outlets, and while it costs about $16, this transparent Nano Double-Sided Tape is worth the money, evident in the Alien tape reviews consumer reports. >> It is available for sale on Amazon. CLICK HERE to buy for $35!