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Weight Loss Before and After Photos and How to Stay Motivated

Weight Loss Before and After Photos and How to Stay Motivated — If losing weight was as easy as ABC or taking candy from a baby, life would have been so much better, right? How to stay motivated to lose weight is something anyone looking to reach their desired belt-size should know.

Results, as I tell people, are the fuel to keep a goal’s engine running. But what happens when involved with something such as losing weight that doesn’t show mind-blowing results overnight? What can one do to stay motivated on their weight loss journey despite where they currently are and where they plan to get to?

In this article, you will find out simple not-rocket-science ways to stay motivated to lose weight and some weight loss before and after photos to show you that it’s very possible.

Weight Loss Before and After Photos

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How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight

Know Your Why: To stay motivated to lose weight, you need a WHY, and not just any why but a strong why. Imagine you passed out cold and woke up in the ICU with the doctor right by your side with these exact words and fear mixed with pity in his eyes, “Ma’am, your weight has posed a serious implication on your health, and you might not survive the next attack if you do not lose some pounds, and fast.”

I can bet you one thing: as soon as you are back up on your feet, you are dashing through the doors of a gym for a yearly membership *lol* because no one wants to die! That is a strong why! Staying alive!

When losing motivation along the way, that face of the doctor on that unfortunate date will always be wallpapered in your mind and send you on another lap on the treadmill.

Your why could be anything, but it has to be strong enough to push you through the hard times of weight loss. It could be to prove everyone wrong. Maybe people have told you times and times again that you would never get in shape, and you’ve made up your mind to f**k shit up this year. That’s a strong WHY. In summary, find your WHY.

Don’t Always Do It Alone: Sometimes, going on a not-so-smooth journey such as weight loss will require help and support of any kind but from the right people. Get someone to keep you grounded, be your best hype man, and follow you through this rewarding journey.

Record Everything: You need to be accountable to know your progress and mark your goals and milestones. You need a fitness tracker, one that calculates your calories, number of steps, heart rate, etc. For reading this article to this point, you are eligible to grab this limited fitness tracker smartwatch for free now.

SUPP. It UP: Okay, here comes the exciting part. See, no one would be encouraged to keep up with something without seeing visible results. NO ONE. Supplements are those added nutrients that can speed up the weight loss process, and there are 100% natural, vegan-friendly ones you can try out without the fear of side effects.

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Weight loss before and after to stay motivated

weight loss before and after

motivation to lose weight
Motivating weight loss before and after photo

How to Stay Motivated to Lose Weight – Conclusion

I do tell people that they didn’t gain all the weight in one week, so they shouldn’t expect to lose it all in a week. They say great things take time. You can use any of the photos as a daily reminder that you can do this. People way fatter than you have lost their excess weight and gotten their lives back, so this is possible for you, too.

You can do this. I believe in You. You got this! — another motivation for you *winks*

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